Heart Reflections - An Intimidated Heart

The Saturday afternoon session of our series on Matters of the Heart was titled Minority Christians, An Intimidated Heart. Here are some reflections on it.

Daniel found himself living in a land far from his home among a people that didn’t honor his God or the principles that he had been taught as a boy. He had likely expected these heathens to live by a different standard, because they didn’t know Yahweh. But it must have been confusing and disappointing to him when he saw most of his fellow Jews disregard the teachings that he held dear to his heart.

When we look around us today, we also find ourselves living in a land where Godly principles are not held in high regard. We expect unbelievers to scorn these principles. But it is confusing and disheartening when we see the Christian community embracing sin and disregarding the teachings found in the Bible.

In the Book of Daniel, we read about 2 specific disciplines that he practiced, helping him maintain a healthy relationship with his God.

· Daniel 1:1-16

o Daniel resolved that he would not define himself and dishonor his God by eating the food offered by the king.

· Daniel 6:1-23

o Daniel had developed a strong and consistent prayer life.

What are some of the characteristics that we see in the life of Daniel? What can we learn from this Godly man that was willing to live out his convictions even when it meant standing alone? Do these characteristics still work today?

· Daniel had a strong commitment to Biblical Doctrine.

o Is our faith and practice based on scripture?

· Daniel developed and maintained personal spiritual disciplines.

o What are the spiritual disciplines that God is impressing on your heart?

· Daniel didn’t need to decide how God would deal with everybody else.

o What is God asking of you?

· Daniel didn’t need the approval of everybody else.

o Galatians 1:10

o 2 Timothy 3:12-13

I’m reminded of a song that I learned as a child; Dare to be a Daniel, Dare to stand alone, Dare to have a purpose firm, Dare to make it known.



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