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Heart Reflections - A Wounded Heart

This week I have been reflecting a bit on the wise and applicable words that we heard this past weekend. I invite you to join me as I ponder a few of the main points of the meetings.

On Friday evening, Dave taught on the subject of “A Wounded Heart”, Being Wounded, Finding Healing. We all have a heart and who of us has never had our heart wounded? Wounds to our heart cause us pain, suffering and grief, but in Isaiah 53:4 we see that Christ “took up our pain and bore our suffering”. Then in verse 5 we read some more amazing words; “By His wounds, we are healed”. This is a side of the cross that we often fail to recognize. How can we possibly reject this amazing sacrifice? It was meant to bring us peace. Peace that passes all understanding.

Dave also spoke about the deep longings that are at the very core of our humanity. We long for:

· Belongingness – Acceptance

· Worthiness – Importance

· Competence – Courage

When we feel like these deep longings are ripped away from us or they remain just out of reach, we tend to look for carnal ways to fulfill these longings with a counterfeit of the real thing. God is not honored by this and our natural longings are not fulfilled.

So how do we find healing from the wounds or unfulfilled longings? The first step must always be to invite Jesus into our pain. Then, as we gain self-awareness and begin to recognize and identify the cause of our pain, we can connect it to our story that God is writing. After this, we need to recognize the lies from the enemy that we have embraced, along with the sinful strategies and defenses that we have incorporated into our life. It is only then that we can truly repent from the sinful responses and unforgiveness that have taken root. When this has happened, it is imperative that we ask God to replace the lies with truth which ultimately brings us to a place of peace and freedom in Christ!

I want to bless each of you as you allow the work of the cross to take root in your heart and as your heart health improves, you will find ways to help those around you find that same healing.

Blessings on your week,


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