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Reflections on LGBT Pride Month

If you are plugged into any form of mainstream media at all, you are aware that June is National Gay Pride Month. You will have seen how the LGBTQ community comes together throughout this month, they celebrate their cause, make big shows of their support for each other, and fight any opposition that may be rising up against them.

As I reflect on this, I can’t help but wonder, how have they been able to make so much progress for a cause that is so wrong? How have they gained such a following? I believe the answer lies in the fact that every human being has a basic need and desire to be a part of something bigger than him or herself, and to have an identity that is affirmed and valued. This community advertises a very attractive counterfeit answer to both of these needs.

When an insecure man or woman that may have been rejected all their life, is able to pick up a colorful flag and join a huge parade in the street, there is something that comes alive inside that person. The perception is that the bigger the group I am marching with, the more value I have as an individual. And yet, I am convinced that when they return to their homes and they go about their daily lives, the basic need remains unmet and the hurting continues.

But God is aware of this basic need. In fact, he specifically created us with this desire and need. He also gave us exactly what is required to fulfill those needs. Two of the things that Jesus did when he came to earth as a man were to start a movement, an institution, that we call church, and he made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross so that we can be free from bondage.

Christ knew of our need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and so he came up with the concept of the body of Christ. He has invited us to be a part of His body. An important part of His body. We are given gifts and tasks that are needed to fulfill the work of the church. What an amazing privilege we have, to be a part of something so big and so important!!

God also knew that sin would ultimately define us and create an identity of failure and death that we would all need to own if nothing was done to cover those sins. And so, he made the ultimate sacrifice of the blood of His son, and now you and I can place our identity in Him. Our sins do not need to define us. If who you are, is based on your relationship with Jesus Christ, you can go home at night, lay your head on your pillow and sleep in peace, knowing that nobody can take this away from you.

I’m so grateful to be a part of a body, a movement, that doesn’t offer me a counterfeit answer to my needs, but instead, it invites me to place my identity on the solid foundation of the creator of the universe. Let’s celebrate this cause together, let’s support each other in love, let’s ask God to block the advances of the evil one, and let’s take pride in who we are in Christ.


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