Updated: Jun 27, 2018

We're excited to welcome you to the brand new website of Dayspring Mennonite Church! We hope you enjoy our website and find it helpful!

We plan to post regular messages of encouragement through this blog. Please come back soon!

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Good morning friends. Have any of you ever felt like you are having a roller coaster week? Well, as I was reflecting a bit this morning about the most important week of the Christian calendar, Holy We

George Floyd

George Floyd – isn’t it amazing how quickly the narrative can change. A week ago, the name of this man would have meant nothing to most of us, but now it has taken the spotlight off of even Covid-19.


Change. Whether we like it or not, it’s here. For some, just looking at this 6 letter word invokes fear. For others, it is as invigorating as a thunderstorm on a hot summer day. While the thunder and